Residency at The Stone, New York, NY

November 17th - 22nd 2015

11/17 Tuesday  

8 pm
Duo with Nate Wooley
Zeena Parkins (electric harp) Nate Wooley (trumpet)


Trio with White Out: Tom Surgal (drums) Lin Culbertson (keyboards, electronics, harp) Zeena Parkins (electric harp)

11/18 Wednesday  

8 pm
Phantom Orchard
Zeena Parkins (acoustic and electric harps, omnichord, foley) Ikue Mori (electronics): A set featuring pieces from their Tzadik release, Through the Looking Glass, plus brand new works.

10 pm
Phantom Orchard with special guests: Erik Friedlander (cello) Cyro Baptista (percussion)

11/19 Thursday   

Trio with Jim Black (drums) Nels Cline (electric guitar) Zeena Parkins (electric and acoustic harps)

10 pm
Duo with Okkyung Lee
Zeena Parkins (acoustic harp) Okkyung Lee (cello)

11/20 Friday   

8 pm
Zeena Parkins composes for TILT Brass Sextet: Gareth Flowers (trumpet) Tim Leopold (trumpet) Mike Gurfield (trumpet) Jen Baker (trombone) Will Lang (trombone) Chris McIntyre (trombone)
New works written for TiLT + Foley artists: Dylan Neely/Erin Cornell/Eleanor Hullihan + LACE PIECE with special guests GREEN DOME: Ryan Sawyer (drums) Ryan Ross Smith (Keyboards, electronics) Zeena (acoustic harp)

10 pm
Zeena Parkins collaborates with UllU: Chris McIntyre (trombone, tapes, synths, drums) Dave Shively (feedback, drums, tapes, combo organs, siren)  Zeena Parkins (electric, acoustic harps, synth, things)

11/21 Saturday   

8 pm  
New pieces for strings, percussion and electronics: SET I
Maggie Parkins (cello) Sara Parkins (violin) William Winant (percussion) Zeena Parkins (acoustic harp, composition)

10 pm  Duo with William Winant 
Zeena Parkins (harps) William Winant (percussion)

11/22 Sunday   

8 pm  
in place: ave c/east 2nd street   
Piano installation and Solos for Acoustic Harp (Impossible Tasks) and Electric Harp
Zeena Parkins (piano, acoustic harp, electric harp, composition) With special guest Brian Chase (drums)

10 pm  
Captiva Pieces 1 - 4: New works for acoustic harp, preparations, snare drum and oscillator Zeena Parkins (acoustic harp, composition) + Duo with Brian Chase



december 17-20 recording s:c:a:t:t:e:r:i:n:g, a new ensemble work for the great eclipse quartet and superb percussionist william winant, for new world records

december 11  phantom orchard performs at roulette brooklyn

november   new tzadik cd release! phantom orchard orchestra: trouble in paradise, commissioned by swr radio in baden baden

october 25-27  super nature, the walker arts center, collaboration with with body cartography project

october 13  tarek atoui’s la suite, a five-hour work inspired by lebanese music, with sara parkins and ikue mori, serpentine gallery, london. [link]

september 29  what we do  performance/demonstration: harp~body with zeena and the adorables

september 26-30  danza permanente, the kitchen, nyc. collaboration with choreographer dd dorviller

september 14  the stone with miguel frasconi, richard carrick and chris cochrane

september 13  with dame evelyn glennie and the joshua light show at the skirlball center at nyu

september 10-11 spellbeamed; fixexploded, fixabolished, roulette brooklyn, with ne(x)works, jack quartet, preshish moments, shayna dunkelman, and conductor ted hearne

august 28-september 11 recording and performing in matthew barney and jonathan bepler’s new film collaboration: river of fundament, inspired by norman mailers’s  novel, ancient evenings.

July 7   Festival Mimi: Quadrat:sch extended 

July 8   Vienna Jazz Festival: Quadrat:sch extended 

July 12 Tiroler Festival in Erl Austria: Quadrat:sch extended 

June 28   Zeena and The Adorables at The Stone, NYC with special guest Deep Singh and new member, percussionist  Jordan Glenn

May 10/11 Premier of my collaboration with choreographer DD Dorvillier, Danza Permanente at STUK in Leuven, Belgium

May 10-20 European Tour with Fred Frith’s band Cosa Brava

March 2 Roseland Ballroom Bjork’s Biophilia New York Residency

March 19  Phantom Orchard with guest violinist Sara Parkins in Visiting Tareb at the Sharjah Biennial

February 3-6-9-12-15-18  Bjork Biophilia Residency at the New York Hall of Science

February 22-25-28 Bjork Biophilia Residency at Roseland Ballroom